I have been going to KC's for all my automotive needs for about 19 years now. They are a group of honest and trustworthy guys. They are fair priced and kind as well. My last instance was an exhaust leak. Mazda wanted 750$ for the part that I needed. Parts and labor would have been close to a thousand dollars. They guys at KCs sent me to another shop in Henderson that dealt specifically with mufflers and exhaust. They sent me away when they could have reeled me in and made a bundle off me. I will continue going to this shop and I highly recommend it to anyone for any mechanical needs.

-Joanna M.

I was traveling on a road trip and discovered I needed some fluids topped off and that I had some "other" engine needs to be attended to. I was at a gas station on a major road through Boulder City.... and I felt that I needed someone to look at stuff before I headed through the desert. I asked the guy at the pump next to mine and he said: "follow me". He took me to K&C auto, only a few blocks away. There were a couple of guys chatting and having a cup of morning coffee when we pulled up. He explained my situation and asked if I could "leave my car"... um... no. I explained further. I very nice gentleman proceeded to open the hood of my car and shake his head and smile. He immediately realized that I was a female, unknowledgeable of car stuff. We got into a very good conversation and before I knew it he had topped off all my fluids, filled my tires with air, cleaned my battery posts, checked and filed my oil, explained the extra hose that leads to no-where really was ok and most importantly told me what work needed to be done soon and what I needed to do at my next maintenance....

When it was all said and done he said "ok, you're all done!" I asked what my damage would be and he said "nothing" I was floored. NO KIDDING! Wow! He could have really charged me a ton. I was mentally prepared for the "raping" that could have occurred. (ok, bad word).

Anyways, I was so thrilled, I gave him a hug and spilled his cup of hot coffee all over my feet. DAMN! I felt so bad. I offered to buy him a cup of joe but apparently, he had a full pot in the office and did NOT want whatever I would have been able to come up with.

What a great guy! Believe me.... if and when I ever get near there, I will look him up.

I plan to send him a box of 'goodies" (homemade expresso brownies!)

If the world was filled with more good samaritans (a.k.a. guardian angel) we'd all be better off.

Thank you. For being you.

Heidi T.

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